When this sculpture is activated by the The Main Piece, It first starts waving an ersatz U.S. flag and flashing some money (the white circle in the detail is a quarter). It then begins to inflate. As it inflates, it contracts. As it contracts, it pulls two pearls out of a bag on the floor. These are followed by a clump of bullshit. Just the way a good bull shitter will do it; a couple of pearls and THEN comes the bullshit.

ONE OF THE BOYS inflates only during quorum calls so this doesn't happen unless senators are in the precinct.

Now, some wags chided me for carrying bullshit to congressional offices. But this bullshit is the real stuff, imported specail from Texas, not the mild, government-regulated product that we all know too well. This particular clump was the best of a lot specially collected by Stanley Marsh 3 of Amarillo, owner, among other things, of Antfarm's Cadilac Ranch on U.S. 66. Three, as some acquaintenances refer to Mr. Marsh, is a first-rate connoisseur of all kinds of bullshit, including political, art and bucolic varieties. Three represents that the aforementioned "road apple" (his term) came not from a steer or a cow (not that there's anything wrong if it did, mind you), but from a heterosexual bull with whom he was, for a short while, personally acquainted.

"Falling Dollar"      detail of "The Main Piece"      "The Main Piece"