In 2005 when San Carlos artist Julie Newdoll asked me if I would submit a proposal for a hi-tech artwork for San Jose's Zone One Festival, She and I came up with the idea of creating five "Hitchhikers" representing the electronic pioneers who were seminal in the establishment of Silicon Valley.  They could be set out in the public in various locations across the U.S.A asking passers-by to carry them toward San Jose.  She said, "What if we put GPS location devices in them so the public could track them?"  Brilliant!  The only problem, I told her, was I'd have to find a programmer who could write the code. "Funny you should mention that", she said. 
Mario Wolczko is married to Julie and the father of her two children.  He's also a programmer and found the proposal interesting.  Long story short, he not only found suitable GPS devices and wrote the code that was key to the success of the "Pioneers in the Valley of The Hearts Delight", but in 2010, he did the trick again.   Using a Garmin pet tracker, he wrote code for three hitchhiking plywood denizens of Manhattan for my game, "Carry Me Back"  at Columbia University.  Feeling deeply indebted for his crucial participation in these projects, I asked what I could do to show my appreciation.  "Well,"Mario said,"I could use a stand for my guitars." After some back and forth, we settled on the late master, John Fahey as the holder of Mario's guitars.
Guitar Holder Effigy of John Fahey
pigmented epoxy on plywood with hinged arms and folding stand.
(76" x 48" x 4")
Angel drawingDevilAlbum Cover
 Angel ?.Or Devil?  "Definitely Devil!"  Mario said.
 "He was always interested in the crossroads
legend associated with blues man Robert Johnson.  
And besides, he had his own demons"
.This striking photo was the inspiration.

Detail of portrait

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