Does Senator Carl Levin project a nice image?

To test it I took it on a crazy photo journey around Detroit.

But first, with the help of some rubber bands, the Hitchhiking Senator makes a few calls from his Detroit office to clear his schedule for our afternoon jaunt. The congressman suggests that we take his car but I insist that he leave it in the special parking spot he has in front of the McNamara Federal Office Building.  People unfamiliar with Carl's reluctance to "trade up" often mistake his ride for a John Chamberlain junk sculpture.

First stop was the Detroit City Council chamber. Carl was President of the Council from 1969 to 1978 . Luckily, the Council was not in session but an electrician was there. He was installing some equipment and looked up when I came in and set up Carl's image in front of the Seal of the City of Detroit and, incidentally, a clock. I took a couple of exposures and lifted the plywood painting to leave. The electrician said, "Well, I guess he can't be everywhere at once."

At the Detroit Institute of Arts, I took him to meet some very experienced government figures. Although he was impressed with their endurance and stability, he thought their manner "stoney". They, of course, pronounced him "wooden". They warned us about something we didn't understand- the "eyes of Mars" or maybe it was the "lies that march". Carl thought it might refer to a primary. They also told us "Watch your back" or maybe "You can't go back". Whatever!
Carl shows they're wrong by visiting the old neighborhood on Renfrew Street in snowy northwest Detroit. A white and blue Detroit Police cruiser slowed but didn't stop as I photographed the 2 dimensional Senator in front of his pre-Washington residence.


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