WilliamShockley's Hitch Hiker

I lived most of my life in Detroit, a city stunted and scarred by ethnic conflict, yet a creative community with a unique vibrant culture enriched by its African-American population.    I had a lot of trouble with the choice of Shockley because of  his later racism.  But in the end, realizing nobody’s perfect, I found a way to portray him that included him as a founder and expressed my ambivalence.
We should celebrate strengths.   I'm happy with the Shockley Hitch Hiker.  He's celebrated for his contribution to our brave new world, but, in the end,  he's an old man, out of fashion, sitting down, encumbered by his baggage, his faced turned, looking the wrong way down the road at the past.

"Valley of the Hearts Delight" was what the area was called before it became "Silicon Valley."

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