Maurice Greenia is well known as a Detroit street poet and visual artist, but he is also a professional musician whose main insrtument is the kazoo.

Kazoos are simple "musical instruments" in which a paper or plastic membrane is caused to vibrate by humming into it.  A simple kazoo can be fashioned by wrapping a single layer of waxed paper around a comb.  Humming while pressing the flat side to one's mouth produces the buzzing tone.  If a person can hum, they can play the kazoo.  A kazoo "holder" makes it even more fun.  In addition to the holder I made for Maurice, the Maurice Moaner, here are some I made for my grand children.

Adolescent Sax, Dr. Suess-a-fone, and Mama Sax.

detail of Adolescent Sax.

More Kazoos
Triumphal Trumpet
Short Horn
Mama Sax
Dr. Suess-a-fone
Bagged Pipes
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