The Legacy Award is bestowed annually by Michigan Legacy Art Park during this special event to recognize those who have made a positive impact on Michigan’s arts, history or culture. Exemplifying the criteria for the award, David Barr has been a sculptor for 50 years and is the founder of Michigan Legacy Art Park. David’s studio was in Detroit for fifteen years until he realized he needed nature as a source of inspiration. In 1977 he bought 4 acres of land in rural Oakland County (now Novi) and in 1979 built his home, a contemporary structure that has become the centerpiece of his own art park. David’s career as an artist, instructor, author and global thinker has crossed borders around the world, bringing people and ideas together. The love of his life, Beth, has been David's companion and inspiration throughout his career. As a professional dancer and instructor of dance, Beth has touched the lives of many through her art.

2013 Legacy Award for Beth Dwaihy-Barr and David Barr, June 15, 2013
9" x8" x 2"   Epoxy on felt lined ceramic & wood shadow box, twigs, epoxy, plastic statuettes, razor blade, electrocardiogram on acrylic disc, pinbacks
A beautiful 15 minute video   is on YouTube by Renee and Chris Hintz about this creative couple who, perhaps due to their modesty and humility, are among the most under-recognized artists in the United States. Includes a brief tour of the Michgan Legacy Art park. 
Eventually, the Four Corners Project will become a text-book example of Conceptual Art.
BethAndDavidVilla Barr
An act of appreciation for David’s artistic contributions and the inspiring home environment David and Beth have created, happened on August 20, 2012. The Novi City Council, looking forward to the cultural and diverse future of Novi, voted unanimously to purchase David and Beth’s property and home with the intent of it becoming the city’s cultural center in several years. In the meantime, David and Beth will continue to live in and enjoy their home.


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