Senate Piece/Falling Dollar

In 1980, I was installing the sculpture in the Washington offices of Senator Levin. I had tools scattered all over the place, cables snaking under things, and here comes the Japanese Ambassador calling on Senator Levin. The Senator and I had just hung the Falling Dollar on a spot on the office wall that happened to be above a chair. When the ambassador was offered a seat, he chose that chair. Now, the behavior of this sculpture is as unpredictable as politics itself, and shortly after the ambassador made himself comfortable, the lever with the dollar on a string started going up in preparation for its fall. I was startled to see that "the fall" would be onto the head of the seated ambassador. I suggested to Senator Levin that the ambassador might want to move to another chair. Whereupon the Senator joked, " Don't worry about it. The falling dollar has never bothered him before."
Jim Pallas 1995

detail of "The Main Piece" "One of the Boys"
"The Main Piece"