From Death to Van Gogh's Ear!

...Poet is Priest
Money has reckoned the soul of America
Congress broken thru to the precipice of Eternity
the President built a War machine which will vomit and rear up Russia out of
The American Century betrayed by a mad Senate which no longer sleeps with its
Franco has murdered Lorca the fairy son of Whitman
just as Mayakovsky committed suicide to avoid Russia
Hart Crane distinguished Platonist committed suicide to cave in the wrong
just as millions of tons of human wheat were burned in secret caverns under the
White House
while India starved and screamed and ate mad dogs full of rain
and mountains of eggs were reduced to white powder in the halls of Congress
no godfearing man will walk there again because of the stink of the rotten eggs of
and the Indians of Chiapas continue to gnaw their vitaminless tortillas
aborigines of Australia perhaps gibber in the eggless wilderness
and I rarely have an egg for breakfast tho my work requires infinite eggs to come
to birth in Eternity
eggs should be eaten or given to their mothers

Paris, December 1957

Allen Ginsberg

From Reality Sandwiches: Europe! Europe! (1957-1959)