2001 Re-installation

October 11, 2001.  Washington D.C.

Congress was trying to enact anti-terorrist legislation in response to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  The Senate leadership of both parties agreed to work late that night to craft a bill giving greater powers to law enforcement and surveillance.Senator Carl Levin was contributing ideas regarding money laundering.  He approached freshman Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton .  He whispered, "I've got something up in my office you just have to see."  Her eyes widened.  On the subway from the Senate floor, where they joined the junior senator from Michigan, Debbie Stabinow, to the Russell Senate building, she wondered "What could it be?  Satellite photos of Bin Laden's hideout?  Inside info on anthrax mail."

No.  It's the "Senate Piece"!

Senators Levin and Clinton get a guided tour from the artist.
Senators Levin, Clinton and Stabinow discuss the merits of Texas bullshit versus the Washington varieties.

Barbara and Senator Levin, Senator Clinton, Senator Stabinow, the artist and his wife, Janet, who suggested that, in these times, art is either the most superficial of distractions or more relevant then ever.


"Falling Dollar"  "One of the Boys"  "The Main Piece"